General Information

Company Contact for future communications with the Financial Commission

Membership in the Blockchain Association is strictly voluntary and subject to approval by the Financial Commission's Board of Directors. Applicants must provide the Association with the incorporation and KYC documents, as well as additional information in some cases, for review prior to membership approval. The Board of Directors of the Financial Commission reserves the right to reject an application for Association membership for any reason or no reason at all. Any members who are found to have provided information to Financial Commission or the Association which was false, incomplete or misleading or fail to promptly inform Financial Commission and the Association of any changes in information which the member has previously supplied to Financial Commission or the Association will be expelled from the Association without any refund of fees paid. By applying for membership all applicants agree with the above conditions and commit to upholding the highest standards of commercial honor and best business practices as may be outlined from time to time in the Key Principles of the Association or on the website of the Financial Commission.