September 12th, 2019 — The Blockchain Association today announces updated membership pricing to offer more flexible pricing options and new services aimed to promote education and sharing of important updates from members that positively impact our industry.

New Flexible Pricing

It has never been a better time to join the Blockchain Association! New applicants to the Association can now enjoy a flexible monthly membership rate of €800/month and choose several payment options, including Bitcoin and fiat. Membership for new applicants is available for a minimum period of one year.


New Services

Besides having FREE dispute resolution services, which are a first for the crypto industry, as well as other benefits, Blockchain Association members can now also share up to 5 news posts on our official website and media channels every month at no charge.

Members can provide highlights of their services, new features, analysis and a variety of educational content aimed at educating and informing investors and traders on the things most important to participating in the Blockchain space and investing or storing digital assets securely.

In addition, members can enjoy reduced cost on security audits of their project, token or contract with our Security Audit Certification, in partnership with SmartDec.

Why join the Blockchain Association?

  • Add transparency and credibility to your service with free, transparent and professional dispute resolution services, a first of its kind for crypto industry
  • Limit negative reviews and feedback from your clients on the Internet
  • Find new technology solutions and scale your business
  • Notify the trading community about important updates to your services
  • Receive complimentary consultations from our experts
  • Affirm your commitment to upholding the highest standards of commercial honor