July 2nd, 2019, The Blockchain Association today announces the addition of a workshop to be hosted by the Association’s Chief Operating Officer, Nikolai Isayev, at the upcoming Barcelona Trading Conference (BTC), taking place on July 10-11th in Barcelona, Spain.

Traditional Dispute Resolution for Modern Blockchain Economy

The workshop, entitled Practical approaches to external dispute resolution (EDR)

will take place on Wednesday, July 10th at 10:30am in the Workshop Hall of the Barcelona International convention center. During the workshop Nikolai will discuss the following topics:

  • Independent dispute resolution in practice
  • The dispute resolution process for Blockchain
  • Benefits of the Association’s EDR service for members
  • The Blockchain Expert Committee

Barcelona Trading Conference

The Blockchain Association will also be exhibiting at the 2019 Barcelona Trading Conference, which was created to celebrate and explore the potential of digital assets. Together with +3,500 attendees, +120 exhibitors and +100 speakers the Association will host a dedicated booth #37 to highlights its efforts in the Blockchain and digital asset space.

Specifically, the organization will provide attendees with information on dispute resolution services and self-regulatory efforts recently launched through the Blockchain Association. All attendees are invited to review our membership proposal and case examples of free Blockchain dispute resolutions in practice.

About the Blockchain Association

The Blockchain Association is uniting cryptocurrency exchanges and financial firms transacting on the blockchain that are committed to upholding the highest standards of commercial honor and best business practices by providing their customers free external dispute resolution (EDR) services. In joining the professional community companies and individuals have the unique opportunity to consult with industry experts, legal and compliance professionals and fellow association members about regional regulations and compliance in key global markets where digital currencies are in very high demand.