August 29th, 2019, The Blockchain Association today announces that approved member, Smartdec, has launched an updated version of its SmartDec Scanner to provide blockchain companies with a first of its kind enterprise security scanner.

The new product allows for substantially increased usability in testing code to ensure security having already been tested and integrated into secure development processes in several enterprises outside the blockchain area. SmartDec Scanner is integrated with the most important engines in the area of blockchain security like ConsenSys MythX. The results of their analysis will be available directly under the hood of SmartDec Scanner.

SmartDec Scanner Blockchain Edition: Security Meets Usability

The powerful web interface features the ability to separate projects for separate codebases, scan history, analytics, access management, and more. The interface can be configured with a variety of systems allowing users to upload code from Git repository, create tickets in Jira or TeamCity for discovered vulnerabilities, set scan time and conditions in Jenkins, or scan code directly from Etherscan.

The Blockchain Edition supports 29 languages, including Solidity, Go, Python, JavaScript, and others. The SmartDec Scanner scans mobile applications, web applications, and smart contracts checks Truffle configuration and Web3 vulnerabilities. Thus, you can use it to scan DApps’ back end, front end, and smart contracts, mobile, and web crypto wallets, crypto exchange back end and front end.

The SmartDec Scanner is already being used by several traditional enterprises and is ready for blockchain community integration – request a free and full-featured trial account by clicking below.


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