June 26, 2019, Blockchain Association today announces that approved Blockchain Association member YouHodler has launched increased security measures and new features for customers in an effort to create the most diverse crypto lending platform.



Increased Security Measures Ensure Client Protection

Security is a growing concern in the crypto market and one that YouHodler takes very seriously. Hackers and scammers are always evolving which is why YouHodler has increased the platform security measures to ensure maximum client protection. To safeguard user funds, YouHodler has developed its own secured hot wallets system and uses best practices when it comes to cold storage wallets.

In addition, YouHodler has integrated with several leading crypto exchanges in different geographical locations and jurisdictions for fund distribution. For all transactions, a multi-signature (multisign) approach is used everywhere and the platform also includes a geo-distributed principle for all software.

Double-Digit Growth Rate

Since the initial launch, YouHodler has always looked to its community for guidance and clues on further growth. While other platforms may just add new coins/tokens from a profit-minded motive, YouHodler prefers to ask community members what they want most. This strategy has proven to be successful with the platform regularly releasing new coins/tokens each month based on client demand.

YouHodler now features the most integrated blockchain in the crypto lending space with BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, LTC, BCH, BSV, DASH, EOS, BAT, REP available for collateral, buy/sell and conversion. As a result of these regular additions, YouHodler has welcomed new communities to its all-inclusive platform and helped double the monthly growth rate of users. This number is predicted to rise as YouHodler continues to add new coins/tokens to the platform and more attractive features.

Highest LTV Ratio Makes Youhodler More Accessible For Everyone

YouHodler’s 90% loan-to-value ratio (LTV) is the highest in the crypto lending space and exemplifies the company’s philosophy of efficiency, transparency, and inclusivity While giving the user more value for their crypto, YouHodler allows them more purchasing power for the purpose of leveraging in the crypto market. To better enhance this strategy, YouHodler recently added the ability to buy and sell crypto directly on the platform.

Now, users can do all their trading and investing directly on YouHodler and transfer both crypto funds and fiat funds seamlessly to their own crypto wallets or fiat bank accounts. Crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat conversion is also a recent feature that lets users exchange all available currencies on the platform quickly and easily.

Room for Growth and Platform Expansion in the Months Ahead

In June, YouHodler plans to add even more coins/tokens to the platform for loans, conversion, and purchase. In addition, the company’s attractive affiliate program continues to grow. May was a record-setting month for the affiliate program that resulted in 500 new users and 1,563 new loans to the platform. YouHodler is also establishing collaboration opportunities with DASH and XLM while also currently in discussion with other coin communities about creative partnerships.

Outside of the crypto market, YouHodler is still in talks with many European financial institutions that will allow the platform to expand even more throughout the continent and eventually, beyond.

Youholder Evolution

Mohandas Gandhi once expressed that “no culture can live, if it attempts to be exclusive.” While YouHodler didn’t take direct inspiration from those words, the platform’s evolution over the past three months shows a shift to an all-inclusive experience for the crypto community. With the longest list of collateral options in the industry, the highest loan to value ratio and the consistent release of new features, YouHodler’s growth over the last three months shows it’s the most diverse lending platform on the market.

To get more information, please visit YouHodler.com.

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