September 11th, 2019 — The Blockchain Association today announces that approved member and FinTech startup YouHodler has launched margin trading for active hodlers and savings accounts for passive investors, offering flexibility and risk management.

YouHodler Introduces “Margin Trading Suite’ to Platform

For active traders seeking more features and options, YouHodler’s new margin trading features can help one use leverage and multiply their crypto. The new Suite offers several advantages, including zero rollover fees, the ability to extend Price Down Limits (aka Margin Call Levels) to reduce trading risks and new trading charts integrated into each coin wallet with 1 hour to 120-day time frames.

To find out about all the features of Youhodler’s Margin Trading Suite, please click here.

HODL smartly with a USDT Savings Account

For investors that are looking to take part in low risk investing YouHodler has provided a new USDT Savings Account. Available for all YouHodler clients, USDT Savings Account lets users deposit USDT into a wallet that YouHodler states will grow up to 12% per year.

To start earning interest today, visit Youhodler’s dedicated savings account page.

Also related to USDT news, the platform now fully accepts both ERC20 based USDT and Omni-based USDT for maximum client convenience.

YouHodler CEO, Ilya Volkov states “We’re happy to follow our valuable customer’s demand and make this additional step in order to build a “one-stop-shop” for all HODLer’s needs and a fully functional “crypto-fiat” Fin-tech platform.”

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