The KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange has announced an unauthorized withdrawal of funds from hot Bitcoin wallets, ERC-20 tokens, and others. According to some reports, the amount of damage can reach $ 150 million.

In a statement, the exchange noted that assets in cold storage are safe. The platform promised to reimburse all losses of users from the insurance fund.

KuCoin CEO Johnny Liu confirmed that a hacker attack was the cause of the incident. According to him, the exchange has already applied to law enforcement agencies.

The KuCoin team has launched an internal investigation into the incident.

After the Bitfinex and Tether CTOs were hacked, Paolo Ardoino reported that the exchange froze 13 million USDT on the EOS blockchain, and the stablecoin issuer blocked 20 million USDT on one of the Ethereum addresses “as a precautionary measure.”