Over the past few hours, 17,320 BTC ($ 169.4 million) have been transferred from the largest cryptocurrency exchanges to anonymous wallets.

The transactions were noticed by the crypto-analytical service Whale Alert. First, 5000 BTC was transferred from the Bitfinex exchange to an unknown address:

Later, a similar transfer to 3058 BTC was carried out with Binance:

Later, from the OKEx exchange to Binance 2645 BTC was transferred in two transactions:

In addition, 3164 BTC was withdrawn with OKEx, and another 1593 BTC with Coinbase:

The purpose of all these transactions is unknown, as well as the identities of the whales. Twitter users commented on Whale Alert’s publications suggesting that large holders would thus accumulate BTC before a massive bull rally.

Recall that whales show high activity after halving bitcoin. On May 18, an unknown investor withdrew $ 144 million in BTC in one transaction, paying 30 cents of commission.