Chainalysis has added support for Dash and Zcash cryptocurrencies in its product called Reactor.

The company’s blog says that now Reactor users will be able to check transactions with coins, “over $1.5 billion of the reported daily trading volume. “

Dash and Zcash are cryptocurrencies focused on an increased level of privacy. The first, for example, has the PrivateSend option – an integrated mixer based on the CoinJoin method.

Zcash has a function of shielding, which also allows you to hide blockchain activity. According to Chainalysis experts, the shading pools of this cryptocurrency provide more privacy than mixers.

The company emphasized that despite the anonymous nature, it is possible to link the inputs and outputs of transactions sent via PrivateSend, and in some cases determine the source address of the wallet.

This means that while PrivateSend does increase privacy for its users, successful investigations can still be performed,” Chainalysis said.

Experts added that PrivateSend technology is only involved in 0.7% of Dash transactions. The proportion of Zcash transactions using shading pools is 14%.