The DragonEx cryptocurrency exchange offered users a temporary solution concerning the problem with the withdrawal of funds. The mechanism will be launched on November 10th, the press release said.

The platform will issue DragonEx Withdraw Quota (DWQ) tokens. Each of them will allow you to withdraw one Tether (USDT).

Tokens can be get through transactions on the exchange, loans, or deposits. When the user requests a withdrawal, the equivalent amount in DWQ will be deducted from his account. DragonEx will open the DWQ / USDT trading pair on November 15th.

Tokens will be issued daily and their number will be adjusted in accordance with the actual profit of the platform. Also, the exchange will continue to seek external funding to solve current problems.

On October 22, DragonEx suspended the deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrencies due to the outflow of funds caused by the “crisis of confidence”.