Kelly Loeffler, who was previously the head of the Bakkt cryptocurrency platform and is now a US  senator, reduced stock and option investments to $ 3.1 million after a private meeting of the health committee on coronavirus. Thу information is evidenced by the Senate disclosure site.

Two documents deal with 47 transactions, of which only eight are related to the purchase. It is noteworthy that in the first, the senator indicated that the sales were carried out mainly on behalf of her husband Jeffrey Sprecher, head of the Intercontinental Exchange, Bakkt operator. Later, these positions were presented as their joint property.

A scandal erupts in American society where Loeffler has become one of the insider trading suspects. She and three other Republican senators could use information from a private briefing on the spread of coronavirus.

Loeffler claims that this is only a coincidence and the decision to get rid of the shares was made by external financial advisers, without her and Sprecher’s participation.

The ex-head of Bakkt, in her defense, points out that according to the canons of the Senate Code of Ethics, she was informed of transactions committed three weeks later.

Loeffler was appointed to the post of Senator of Georgia in December. Even then, many observers expressed concern that this would lead to a conflict of interest, since the ex-head of Bakkt will work on a committee that is responsible, among other things, for regulating the activities of the Commodity Exchange Trading Commission (CFTC).