In December 2020, the data center operator BitRiver imported a batch of more than 20,000 ASIC miners from Asia to Russia with a total capacity of about 70 MW and an estimated value of $ 40 million to $ 60 million. The equipment began to mine bitcoins at the end of December in Bratsk, Irkutsk region, reports Kommersant, citing Igor Runets, CEO and founder of BitRiver.

A separate Tier-III data processing center (DPC) was launched for the client in a separate hangar, which ensures high safety of equipment operation. The top manager did not disclose the name of the supplier and the exact number of the equipment. However, it is known that among the miners received were WhatsMiner M32 devices from MicroBT.

BitRiver called this delivery the largest one-time deal in mining history.

“The share of Russia in the industry is growing. Over the past year, it has grown by at least 4%. If we add our last public deal to this figure, then the figure will increase by a little more than 1%,” said Igor Runets.

In 2021, the company plans to launch several more data centers in Russia, for example, in Mukhorshibiri in Buryatia. The republic’s authorities have already approved the construction.

Runets expects more loyal regulation of mining in the Russian Federation.

“Mining can be compared to a sawmill that produces lumber. It never occurs to anyone to prohibit the products of the sawmill. According to the bill “On digital financial assets”, cryptocurrency is property, a commodity that logically can be produced,” Igor added.