TON Labs developers will launch an operating system for the TON blockchain. Soon it will appear in the Play Market and App Store as an application, company representatives commented to ForkLog.

The OS is described as an “an end-to-end open source infrastructure designed to enable developers and users to work with TON blockchain”

TON Labs has already introduced one of the user interfaces for the TON Surf blockchain. It is already available for download on Android and iOS. All of the interaction takes place in the test network.

TON OS will run on top of other operating systems. It will interact with the blockchain by analogy with the way Windows interacts with the processor.

“It is difficult to understand what is the operating system on the blockchain, since, basically, it is a program that starts on certain hardware. TON OS is cloudy, plus it works on top of other OSs,” commented the representative of the company

Recall that key PoS validators, including Ton Labs, will launch TON instead of the Telegram team if the company doesn’t settle its conflict with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.