The Southern District Court of New York ordered Telegram to disclose bank records before February 26. The decision was made by the same judge who, several days earlier, refused the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States (SEC) to provide financial information regarding the TON project from Telegram.

The decision emphasizes that the date set is final. The court allowed Telegram to hide part of the information in the documents in accordance with foreign privacy laws, but the company must explain the reason for each individual case.

The SEC has criticized such approach:

“Telegram does not even mention the names of countries whose laws can be applied, and does not refer to any specific data privacy laws.”

Previously, the SEC called the requested documents to be very important for the proceedings.

The agency backed up its request with documents that may be evidence of the sale of Gram tokens after the completion of the token sale.

In October, the SEC accused Telegram of violating US law during the ICO. Claims by the regulator caused a delay in the launch of the main TON network, originally scheduled for October 31, which later was postponed to April 30.