Tron and Waves have announced a partnership to connect their blockchain networks using the Gravity protocol and interoperate smart contracts written in Ride and Solidity.

“I expect a real synergy between our projects, gravity protocol should allow one economic space and DeFi projects available on both chains,” said Alexander Ivanov, President of the Waves Association.

As part of the integration, TRC-20 tokens will be available on the Waves blockchain through decentralized gateways and will automatically appear on the Waves protocol decentralized exchanges.

In turn, the tokens of the Waves ecosystem will become available on the Tron blockchain via the Gravity protocol and will appear in Tron’s DEX and DeFi services.

Also, dApp developers in the Tron and Waves networks will be able to use the data transfer services of the Gravity oracles.

Cooperation between the two companies is not limited to the listed integrations and will continue to expand in the future, said in the press release.

Earlier, Waves announced the creation of a cross-chain infrastructure for the field of decentralized finance in conjunction with Ontology.