The experts of the Norwegian application protection company Promon discovered the StrandHogg vulnerability, which affected all versions of Android and aimed at stealing sensitive data.

Experts warn that the scale of the virus and the size of the damage may be unprecedented since it threatens the 500 most popular Android applications.

By displaying a fake version of the login screen, StrandHogg allows malicious applications to steal user credentials.

Confidential information is immediately sent to the attacker, who can use it to log into the system and manage applications on the victim’s smartphone.

Most often, hackers steal data for entering cryptocurrency wallets, but they can also listen to the user through a microphone, read and send text messages, and access personal photos and files on the device.

Despite the fact that Promon researchers provided Google with a report on the StrandHogg vulnerability last summer and the company removed the vulnerable applications, the problem has not been fixed for all versions of Android.