The Waves blockchain platform has launched the Waves Association structure, which will unite all key ecosystem projects and will determine priorities for its development.

According to Waves founder Alexander Ivanov, the Waves Association aims to accelerate the implementation of the Web 3.0 paradigm around the world. To this end, the structure intends to stimulate research in this area, including providing grants for the development of the Waves technology stack.

“Thanks to the Association, in the near future we will be able to significantly increase the number of developers and users, and we also plan to attract crypto enthusiasts developing other blockchain technologies and solutions,” Alexander Ivanov emphasized.

The association will collaborate with universities, research centers, business and government authorities around the world. In the future, the Association will implement DAO-like mechanisms on the blockchain for submitting initiatives, making decisions, incentivizing the community and other benefits for maximum transparency and decentralization.

The headquarters of the association is located in Frankfurt, Germany. Representatives of Portugal, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Russia have already joined the new organization.

“I joined the Waves Association, I think that my experience will be useful in deciding on the future development of the platform,” says Mark Jensen, professor of software development for distributed and mobile systems at Linneus University. “There is a lot that connects us with Waves, I invested in Waves Platform on the very first day of the ICO, and I continue to support all ecosystem projects.”

The Waves Association was created as a non-profit charitable organization operating in accordance with the German tax code. The association will focus on socially useful goals, such as the development of science, research in the field of information technology, the creation of modern software, as well as educational programs for professional retraining.