Before the Blockchain Association can consider your dispute, you need to have complained to the financial services provider (cryptocurrency exchange or financial firm) and given it an opportunity to resolve your dispute.

Action to date

Yes, I have previously lodged or registered this dispute with the Blockchain Association.No, this is the first time I have lodged or registered this dispute with the Blockchain Associationn.

Applicant details

Dispute details

Please include as much information as you can, including the type of product involved, the dates the problem occurred, the name, address and telephone number (if you know these) of all individuals and firms involved and a description of the problem (please attach a separate page if you need more space than provided)

Additional Comments

If you are seeking payment of a sum of money please provide any relevant calculations of your claim(s). Please note: all decisions issued in blockchain dispute cases will be issued for informational purposes only, without a binding decision for or against a particular party.

Supporting documents
Please attach copies of all documents you have that relate to your dispute. If your financial services provider has written to you about your dispute, please ensure that you provide a copy of its response.

The Blockchain Association dispute resolution process is intended to provide a neutral and unbiased process by which customers and traders can engage blockchain technology experts in reviewing their issue and receive a transparent, informative professional opinion regarding their matter. As such, all decisions issued in such cases will be issued for informational purposes only, without a decision for or against a particular party and will not be binding on any parties, including the complainant, the respondent or any members or employees of the Blockchain Association or its Committees. The Blockchain Association will employ all reasonable means to contact the cryptocurrency exchanges or financial firms indicated in submitted disputes, but do not guarantee that such attempts will be successful. The Blockchain Association has an absolute and an unrestricted right to deny any complaint submitted to the Blockchain Expert Committee. Complaints issued against Initial Coin Offerings or token sales will not be accepted. Decisions issued by the BEC will be considered final and no appeals or amendments to the reports will be accepted.