Step 1: Contact your financial services provider

  • We require you to contact the financial services provider first to discuss the issue and see if it can be resolved quickly.
  • Before we can consider the dispute, the financial services provider must have been given an opportunity to resolve the dispute with you directly. In most cases, the financial services provider has up to 14 days to respond to your complaint.

If you need the contact information for your Financial Services provider, please send an email to [email protected]

Step 2: File a Dispute with the Blockchain Association

  • If the dispute remains unresolved after you have made a complaint to the financial services provider, you can file a dispute with the Blockchain Association

Do you want to provide information about a dispute you have already filed with us?

If you are providing additional information about a dispute you have already filed, please e-mail the information to [email protected]. This includes information about any dispute that has been registered with us but remains unresolved. If you have been given a case number, please quote it in the subject line. For other ways to provide us with information including our postal address see our contact details.