CoinGecko analytics service announced a partnership with cybersecurity company Hacken.

In the framework of the cooperation, CoinGecko integrates metrics for assessing the security of cryptocurrency exchanges based on data from Cer.Live, a platform from Hacken.

“We are excited to be partnering with Hacken to get data on cryptocurrency exchanges cybersecurity practices. With Hacken’s expert help in evaluating exchanges’ cybersecurity practices, we hope to bring awareness on the urgent need to improve cybersecurity and protect user funds through the abolition of unsafe cybersecurity practices,” said CoinGecko CEO TM Lee.

As part of the cybersecurity assessment of bitcoin exchanges, Hacken considers the security of platform infrastructure, including server security, the presence of two-factor user authentication, protection against spam and phishing, and other criteria.

“Cryptocurrency exchanges are the most complex and advanced financial platforms. They are pioneers and main targets of the growing black hat hackers community. We are proud to align forces with CoinGecko to raise awareness of cybersecurity practices when selecting where to trade crypto assets.” said Hacken CEO, Dmitry Budorin.

Hacken also evaluates possible previous hacks and the availability of Bug Bounty programs.

According to Dmitry Budorin, adding new metrics will increase market transparency and prevent manipulation:

“When compiling ratings, CoinMarketCap pays attention to liquidity and the number of visits to the site. In theory, this data can be manipulated. CoinGecko added technical development and cybersecurity to its metrics. It’s much harder to trick.”